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FOR FUCK’S SAKE – Mon 4/30/18 aka Day 465 of the Hostage Situation


Damn, I had to find my Dramamine just to get through the last few days. Dizzying with nauseous undertones making the truth of reality and the reality of truth hard to discern much less separate into a rational flow-chart.

Which brings us to the start of a new week and another Cabinet member (Gen John Kelly) has referred to Trump as an “Idiot.” Mmhh. I think maybe he referred to him as a “fucking” idiot but that shoe hasn’t dropped, yet, in this story. Donnie is an idiot. He knows it. I know it. You know it. My big toe knows it. The Trump Base will never know it but we can’t save the whole Country all in one day.

Of course, late Trump Tweet (7 PM – oh, we’re in trouble! Something got under his skin) states that the WH is running smoothly, without chaos, fake news, blah, blah, blah…


Everyone’s A-Twitter about the NRA convention and Mike Pence. The story goes no guns will be allowed inside the event due to security concerns for illegitimate-VP. I get that pushback on the irony but I didn’t think you could ever come fully armed to these events in the past. I mean wouldn’t the location be paramount to the guns laws afforded the venue? Insurance would be unbelievable, I would think.

My head hurts.

Let’s see…

Trump has taken credit for North and South Koreas talks. Kim Jung-un “has really been very open and I think very honorable based on what we are seeing,” Trump glowingly reports. Now Donnie wants to meet the North Korean dictator at the DMZ (reality TV backstory). Logistically it is challenged but the risk is what true Patriots do for America’s success, therefore, I encourage the DMZ idea.

HOT OUT OF TRUMP WORLD: 49 questions that Mueller and the Trump defense team came up with for DJT to answer about Russia, Comey, etc. have been released by NYT. What a brilliant strategy on Mueller’s part. Float the questions out there in the Twitter-verse to linger and fester in the liddle Trump brain which will explode in various stages of delusional confusion. After the BS has settled the truth will again be glaringly obvious.

Damn, the process of uncovering the truth is becoming oh so tiresome.

NEWEST TWEET FROM TWAT-LAND: Iran has a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program that America now knows all about said a statement released by the White House. Wait, but, no…sorry World…what the WH really meant was Iran “had” a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program. Wow, deja vu of earlier Bolton days, been there, done that and got the t-shirt. FML. Silly us! These fucking idiots are going to get us all killed.

French President Macron bought with him an oak tree to plant at the White House to show the United States and the World the strong bond the 2 countries have with one another since WW I. The tree planting ceremony was covered by MSM, photo ops, and the whole 10 yards. As of yesterday, the tree is missing with just a patch of yellowed grass to give lip-service to its, albeit, short-lived existence on the White House lawn. Word on the street is the tree is in quarantine, as all foreign imported plants must be, to counter any possible negative influence or parasites it might have that could affect our eco-system (yes the eco-system that Trump, Pruitt & Associates don’t give a damn about). In the olden days of President Obama (or before) the press corp would have had this information early and it would have referenced the released story by the media. In this day and time, it simply amplifies the inability of the Trump Administration to even get the smallest tasks/gestures done correctly by implementing the necessary protocol required. If they aren’t smart enough to know the procedures required to bring in an oak tree from France that needs to be planted do you really think they have a grasp of the special needs and concerns of China, Syria or say Venezuela?

Last night I watched a Committee hearing on CSPAN chaired by Graham and Leahy regarding the SCROTUS 2019 budget proposal for USAID. The underfunding requested by the Administration to support the direction of USAID was discussed by the bipartisan members and the conclusion was the slashing of the USAID budget was “insulting” and would not be accepted. More money would be going in that direction. Of special concern was the programs that supported women’s health and family planning options. The Director, Green and another gift from the great state of Wisconsin, was good at talking out of both sides of his mouth stating his job was not to analyze the reasoning or rationale behind the cuts but was to make the funds that were available to him go as far as they possibly could. The overall solution seemed to be to toss the reigns to these countries striving for democracy (or on the brink of developing one) much earlier than would be successfully possible therefore sounding as though the Administration is promoting democratic values while relieving themselves of the burden of the actual monetary or physical/mental effort necessary to back up-and-coming democracies that would lead to success.

And a final little diddy to close this Cookie-ized version of current events. The National Enquirer, yes you read that correctly, has released a story stating that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is involved in some “shady” business practices and seems to begin to distance Donnie from Cohen in what can be construed as an attempt to relieve Trump of any guilt-by-association regarding his lawyer. Typical Trump reaction. Cut and run. The National Enquirer has long been a media vehicle defending and promoting Trump since he hit the political scene a few years back. It could also signal the tabloid trying to cover its butt as well since it has been instrumental in what could be seen as campaigning for a Presidential win by Trump (while not publicly claiming their services as a campaign contribution). They are scurrying like mice, or at least thinking about it. We’ll see who’s still standing in a couple days. As usual, it will be interesting.

(ICYMI: Michelle Wolf was a comedienne at the White House Correspondents Dinner (which Trump has, of course, declared dead because of his take on it’s disastrous showing this past Saturday night). I didn’t see it and have read very little, so far, about the actual jokes, etc., but apparently, more than a few of the “roast” jokes were directed toward Sarah Huckabee Sanders and were rather brutal in attacking the “truth” as she and the Trump Administration have decided to define the truth. I guess it hurt Sarah’s feelings or made her uncomfortable (What part of the truth hurt you, SHS?). The RWNJ & GOP are calling for heads to roll. Even some moderate and left-leaning journalist (and some are women) think the jokes went too far with some reading into the jokes a reference to her looks, which as far as I can tell were not alluded to. Still, this has gotten insane. It is a roast. A roast. It’s supposed to be rather prickly and jabbing. Yes, a few of the clips I have seen were border-line close to being mean-leaning. But, when you measure it as overall tit-for-tat, I don’t think enduring the lies, bullshit and alternative facts this Administration shoves down our throats on a daily basis have any defense against the truth we no longer receive in good faith from the American “leaders.” Calling out liars is not a pretty nor always easy task. But to do nothing or say nothing about lies and distortions is a much more uncomfortable political existence to live within. Start telling the truth and the possibility of brutal push-back and questioning will cease to exist. And finally, comedy is an art and just like any form of artistic expression is subject to objective interpretation. Not all will appreciate it. If it didn’t cause discussion and controversy it wouldn’t be very good art.



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For Fuck’s Sake Thurs 4/26/2018 aka Day 461 of the Hostage Situation



This morning Trump decided to start his day by appearing on FauxNews. Oh, glory-be. Fox is his mini-fix when he doesn’t have a rally to stroke his ego. He’s freaking unhinged. Now he claims Comey said he didn’t stay overnight in Moscow for (say it all together) The Miss Universe Pageant, further stating of course he stayed over night. Wtf? Two words: flip-flop. He also reiterated how his first year had more accomplishments and successes than any other President in the history of the United States. Boys and girls, this is why literacy and education are important for a healthy America.

Personally I think he has bigger issues to tend to…

Such as…

…his nominee for Secretary of the VA just took himself out of consideration. Ronny Jackson, aka the “Candy Man,” exited stage left and I see no stand-in waiting to take over.

French President Macron has returned to France after Trump’z “state dinner” which included one Democrat and no press. Melania flicked his hand away when he tried to grab hers. Good times.

Macron had parting words about the danger of promoted fake news with a parting picture of him hugging Rep John Lewis. 3-points!

Pruitt has to appear before Congress to answer more questions about his daily dumb attacks. He was pictured in Indiana concerned about nasty public water seemingly forgetful about the water in Flint MI. Or Puerto Rico. Maybe Congress has questions regarding the records from his shoe phone that he uses in the cone-of-silence installed in his office!

Kayne West and the unstable genius are now best friends forever.

The man who disarmed a killer in TN at a waffle house has been insulted by the NRA and ignored by DJT. James Shaw Jr also started a gofundme account for the victims families raising 150,000. And just reported a fundraiser has been started for Shaw. Personally I think the fact Donnie hasn’t weighed in is a blessing. This way he can’t insult Shaw, which we all know, would happen.

Sen Mitch O’Connell appeared on FOX to piss and moan about the Dems obstructing the nominee process for cabinet nominees. Still with their majority. Still Hillary and Obama’s fault. Someone needs to tell ol Mitchy that Trump is fumbling the ball at the one-yard-line every time. You can’t fucking obstruct what doesn’t exist. Jeez.

Trump thinks North Korea has agreed to “denucleari
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via Marching for our lives

This is why! This young woman is why human beings still exist. It is people like her, with an innate sense of what is right and what is so horribly wrong in the world around her that she challenges the norms that have become so commonplace that they are overlooked as a given when in fact they are a mere stepping stone into the future.

Her mother must be beyond proud to have raised such a young woman who shuns peer pressure (young and old), social protocol & expectations and acts from the soul of her being.

To have a voice and be allowed to use it to its fullest. Without shame. Without editing. Without correction to expectation over expression. Free to be herself without fear (except the fear foisted upon her by a society that wants it all, to hell with the consequence) of recourse or reprimand.

So, Political Kid, you will, no doubt be a force to be reckoned with and I should know, we were, and probably are still, a lot alike. Never lose your fire & fury. Never quiet your voice for the discomfort it might cause others because it makes them look in the mirror and not like what they see. Never ignore your gut about what feels right and what feels wrong. Stay true to who you are and will be. The end result will be worth it.


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Why Didn’t Trump’s Personal Touch Help Republican Rick Saccone win in Pennsylvania? (Quora Question)

In my humble opinion if that was Trump’s “personal” touch then the man lacks sorely in personal. But, I do believe that fact was quite self-evident even before AF1 wheels hit the tarmac in PA. His speech to encourage PA GOP to come out and vote for Saccone missed the point entirely. Actually, Trump’s speech missed many points entirely except for one which was to remind himself, in front of an audience, of just how grand and wonderful he has been, is and will be in the future.

Saccone did about as little as a candidate can do to promote themselves in an upcoming election. Lamb outraised him 10X and that was from grassroots attempts with no special interest. Saccone raised, what? 660,000? And the national GOP Committee put in an additional 10 M to try and maintain a hold on a seat in a district Trump walked away with a 20 point win. Add to that the faces of the top GOP lawmakers stumping for him. As a group, his visibility was increased but even the Repubs viewed Saccone as “underwhelming.” There was so much more going on than the need for Trump to rub his personal touch all over District 18.

Lamb ran as a conservative Dem which was a wise choice in PA at the moment. The Dems need to be able to accommodate the varying degrees of “liberal” bias that they have come to be identified with. The DNC doesn’t hate guns or the ownership of guns, they hate the lax, unbridled entitled right the RWNJ feel trample common sense as well as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The NRA’s rhetoric that any type of constraint on gun ownership is a direct intrusion to the 2nd Amendment is distorted merely for profit and to promote chaos.

For Lamb to be against Pelosi isn’t anti DNC either. There has been a growing number of Democrats who feel Nancy’s time may be coming to a close and a new, fresher & more invigorating face of the future has been long overdue, according to many.

Lamb’s embraced stance on abortion that has been suggested as an approach the Left should consider for a while now. While he, personally, didn’t feel abortion was a good decision for him or his family, he still promoted the right of the women to decide which direction should be taken on an individual basis while respecting the SCOTUS decision.

The DNC needs to turn over the reins of the party to the young kids that are showing an interest in politics. It is time for the up & comings to find their niche in the cogs of the political environment of the 21st Century. It isn’t our parents DNC anymore, nor is it ours. Sure, they will make mistakes and trip and fall. So did we. But, we need the youth to get excited and involved in politics or it will become the stagnant bookend of the belly-up GOP that is bobbing around the waters of the cesspool they have created.

The Dems need be open to new ideas and not see change as an insult to the ideology we feel define the DNC. As we have seen the DNC isn’t defined which has been the entire problem leading us up to this point in time where we are dealing with the likes of a man called Trump. Trump and the GOP are fading and are desperately grabbing onto anything they can to take with them when the time comes for them to lick their wounds while out of favor (which by my estimations could be quite a while after they sanctioned this debacle in DC). We need to take this opportunity and run with it, offering no apologies to those old and worn out ways we leave in our wake.

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Trump’s Making us Insane Over Putin

Why did someone greenlight a banned Russian spy, allowing him to enter the US?(*Quora Question)

I am going to assume you are referring to the meetings held last week between some of Trump’s cabinet secretaries/appointees & 3 Russian operatives who are connected to Russian intelligence. One person is the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin. He was banned from entering the US when sanctions were placed on Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine back in 2014 when Obama was in the White House. Naryshkin was placed on the “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons” list that is overseen by the Treasury Department.

The problem is no one is forthcoming with the name of who allowed Naryshkin to enter the US. It is a mystery (as of 12:06 AM 1/31/18). The other problem is that Trump, or his admin, didn’t announce they were going to or had met with Russians. The Russian sanctioned news source Tass reported the meetings and the US found out from Russia in a tweet which included some of Trump’s activities. A final problem is that the SVR has been specifically named as being directly involved with the 2016 hacking of the Presidential election in the US. Even Pompeo, a Trump appointee, has said he believes Russia will meddle in the 2018 elections. Yet a man who works for the agency whose hands are dirty from the 2016 election hacking was allowed back in the country mere months before the mid-terms & it was hidden, unsuccessfully, from the citizens of America.

The Secretary of State can clear someone on the Blocked list to enter this country on a case-by-case basis. So, did Tillerson allow Naryshkin in for the “secret meeting?” They won’t comment.

Did Trump think we wouldn’t hear about the visit by the Russians, therefore, didn’t think it was a big deal to just bring him on over and into the country? We don’t know. The word on the street they talk between the US & Russia was addressing terrorism at FIFA and also at the upcoming Olympics. Fair enough and sounds normal sounding and reasonable. Unfortunately,, normal, reasonable and Trump administration are not synonymous.

But why all the secrecy? The meetings with the Russians took place a week before Trump declared that he didn’t think additional measures via sanctions were necessary and decided to postpone additional sanctions that were to be placed on Russia/Russians. Further watering down the effectiveness of the bipartisan-backed sanctions was the Trump administration copying the names of rich Russians out of Forbes Magazine while the intent of the sanction’s Kremlin List was to get the names of people closely related to Putin and the Kremlin, not necessarily the rich or richest in Russia. This lame attempt at a Kremlin List further undermines the effectiveness of future sanctions and will probably include names of families that had nothing to do with the events in 2015–16.

Final thought is how the meetings were conducted. It is speculated that the Russians met with Pompeo and Coats, along with other unknown American politicos. When asked about the nature or reality of the visit by the Russians the CIA released a statement saying that while it does not discuss the schedules of U.S. intelligence leaders, “rest assured that any interaction with foreign intelligence agencies would have been conducted in accordance with U.S. law and in consultation with appropriate departments and agencies.” While in normal times this answer might actually give Americans some peace of mind with Trump it just allows more speculation about recent protocol with Russian meetings. Trump has notoriously slighted the norms of meeting with hostile foreign nations by not having the meeting correctly recorded or having a witness in the room while the meeting was being held. When Trump insists on side-stepping the protocols put in place for tried-and-true reasons he is guaranteeing he said/she said political dialogue where we may never know exactly what was or wasn’t discussed. He could be talking about absolutely anything, including personal business promotion, and no one will ever be the wiser. He is purposely excluding a valuable check and balance that has been put in place to assure not only the US administration is on the up and up but also that the foreign participants are not enticing diplomats to forego their allegiance to the political process of America’s democracy.

Trump is not known for his honesty, trustworthiness, good judgment or putting Americas needs in front of his own self-serving needs. He, of all people, need to let the voters know what direction our government is thinking of taking and why. Trump works for the citizens of the United States of America and he does not seem to realize we are his boss, not the other way around.

*An original answer to a question on Quora. Answered by myself and I alone am the sole author and have ownership of presentation and ideas presented in the raw form above.

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Alabama’s Insane Special Election

I was truly disturbed by many aspects of the whole debacle. I mean, really, did we just have an election where there was an alleged child rapist actually running for Senate? Did we just have the so-called-leader-of-the-United-States tell us that a vote for an accused sexual malcontent was preferable to voting for a Democrat? Are we at that place, politically, where the Right just boldly says we need the vote for our policy because our millionaire donors have threatened to withhold future money if we don’t pass a tax reform bill that benefits them specifically and to hell with the American voter’s needs?
Yes, yes & yes.
With that said I absolutely had no problem at all with the results of the election. The election should have been a no-brainer on morality alone, but as many witnessed morality is of short supply in America these days. I knew that in this surreal quasi-political environment we exist in that Roy Moore could have possibly won the race in Alabama. The fact he didn’t made many things that have felt wrong with the world lately fade away for a few minutes restoring, albeit it briefly, faith in our government, the scale of checks and balances and the human race as a whole.
I thought the Democrats got exactly what they put into it – the win. This was a much needed dry run against this unique & ever-changing political landscape. With the ever-decreasing length of the ol’ attention span, seizing the moment as soon as it presents itself is critical to achieving success. The left, and I mean all facets of the left, from DC to Delaware to Detroit to Denver, has been not only discussing what was needed to begin to flip the Hill blue but has actively been engaging in activities that are laying the groundwork, on grassroots level, for potential continued success until the 2020 elections.
I say potential because this is going to be a race that requires constant focus, energy and unusual approaches that the DNC has not been comfortable in the past but seem to be more open to embracing with this new breed of GOP insanity. With this win in Alabama, the Dems remember the thrill of winning due to a job well done. Add that to the fact resuscitation of the left has been needed for a long time and with the unique challenges from a Trump GOP, we are training for a marathon. We just have to give back to the Right what they put out.
The GOP got what they put into the election as well. It was a half-arsed attempt to finish yet another unfinished “project” they have laying around that they keep tripping over. Even with their collective minds they still have too many pots boiling on the stove to keep track of them efficiently. They keep running here, there & everywhere trying to finish something, anything and end up looking the fool. The lack of any kind of flexibility in their mindset makes impromptu problem solving a deal breaker. The GOP has a set of policies they feel are imperative to their success and identity and seem unwilling to accommodate new approaches or ideas leaving them in an utter heap of unfinished policy.
Add to everything the rapid demise of mere warm bodies on the Hill due to scandals and lawmakers who no longer wish to perform beneath a wannabe leader whose numbers are rapidly deteriorating in the polls makes for an unknown factor of a solid headcount by the Right who has blown almost a year in the majority with very little to show for their #1 position.
The popular vote and polling numbers most incoming administrations have to feed off never gathered enough speed to take them through the special elections. Maintaining their election-year momentum was never an option because they never had any momentum, to begin with, and that is exactly what usually carries the incoming party through to mid-terms election successes. The lackluster showing by the GOP opens a huge door for the Democrats to take back Congress but they must never get comfortable, confident or matter of fact. They must continue to fight each battle with entire heart and soul and they may be able to continue this streak of ousting Repubs & taking back the direction of policymaking in America sooner than either party thought was possible at first glance a year ago.

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#Resist the Insanity

I had to stop trying to write to keep up with DJT’s insane trip through his so-called leadership attempt via the *MAGA* American “Pilfer & Carnage Tour,” 2017. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Trying to sort through his biggest gaffes, embarrassments and pure un-American rhetoric, not to mention the bold faced lies, had fried my brain.

My brain also hurt from the fact that we are still dealing with that Moron-in-Chief. I mean, really GOP? The inaction by the Republicans in order to preserve power over party OR Country still astounds me to insanity. I cannot even look at McConnell, Ryan or Sessions without my blood boiling, simmering with a hate. Yes, I hate them. They have sold out America, in its entirety, by pursuing RWNJ agendas while this Nation is literally melting into unrecognizable chaos.

Then I am perpetually pissed at SCROTUS supporters who pardon that misogynistic, racist, white supremacist, ignorant, insufferable, stupid, lying, narcissistic POS’s actions, words, and motives. Jesus Christ, enough already. The same people who are still pointing fingers at Bill when Hillary is running for President claiming lack or morality on Clinton’s part are the same Idiots that now turn the other cheek to indiscretions and sexist comments that might make Clinton (well, maybe Chelsea) blush.

The press, while doing a job that has kept me diversely informed of this 3 ring circus aka the Trumple Administration, I still blame a bit for this debacle we find ourselves in. When AgentOrange first tripped & fell onto this scene in 2015 the media was all over him with free coverage. The more insane he became the more insane the media became. Some outlets would obsessively cover him, I am thinking, in hopes that the American voters would see he was a whack-a-do and opt out of that vote, Thank-you very much. But in fact that coverage became, as we all knew by the numbers, a platform that was working in favor of Moron’s polling numbers yet the coverage continued & with a light touch as to not rustle the feathers of the thin-skinned man-child.

Add, Facebook & Twitter with the now admittedly fake news stories purposely placed to sway those mainstay people who really knew so little about life, and even less about politics. Easy marks who wanted an easy life without having to “think” about it too, too much. They don’t mind working hard, but they don’t want to think. That they needed to investigate if those stories were really false or not is laughable. If anyone really believes half of that propaganda garbage, must less all of it I am thinking mental faculties should be examined by a healthcare worker (that is if we still have healthcare when you read this).

And now mid-October 2017 not unexpectedly for the DNC and all points left of insanity, Trump is trying to lead America into fucked up places we don’t really need nor have to go. Nukes and name calling with North Korea; threats and disgust directed toward our beloved Constitutional Amendments; American citizens dying without so much as a mention from the man who claims such bigly intelligence – not a mention of California and the victims of the wildfires, Puerto Rico 3 weeks after a hurricane still struggling just to find food & water or 4 Green Berets who lost their life’s in Niger serving this Country; demolishing the EPA, ACA & every department that should act independently of Presidential considerations or monetary motives; with reckless abandon he’s disassembling anything created by, for, around or because of President Obama and to hell as to it’s positive v negative analysis of effectiveness; and of course the Russia/Trump love affair that began decades ago and is now the “other woman” to patriotic Americans who don’t want Russian involvement in our damn business especially our political business.

(No, I didn’t forget about Iran, China, the fucking Wall, DACA, LGBT & gender rights, the Women’s issues, emoluments, The hypocritical Freedom Caucus, nepotism, the KKK, his swamp, the GOP, his healthcare, his tax reform or budget – there just isn’t enough time left in my life to explode over it all at one time.)

So for now I am going to try and find my groove to rebutt the daily deluge of His Moron-in-Chief, try not to keep up in actual real-time for everything he utters or does and keep hoping the damn GOP will finally, albeit too late to do themselves any good when it comes to governing – but we already knew that was going to happen – call out that Orange blob squatting in the Oval Office out & kick him to the damn curb and I don’t care if it’s impeachment or the 25th Amendment, I ‘m flexible.

All of us left-leaners and anti-Trumpeters will keep doing what we do and flood America with the realities and atrocities this man is trying to create or has already created and try to pressure others to take notice and help us bring him down once and for all.

We have a job to do my friends. We have gotten a lot accomplished but we still have a long way to go. We got this. Remember who we are and what we stand for. Let’s make her proud. Resist.


The GOP’s Insanity Over Obamacare

(This was written before the vote on the “Health Care Freedom Act” which was defeated 49-51. Sen McCain, Sen Murkowski & Sen Collins all voted against the GOP grain and put their constituents over their Party. Thank you, Senators.  I wrote this tonight waiting for the vote. It is not very well edited but is raw & true. I had to get it out so I could move on and start to write again.)

I feel politically dead. It seems as if we are up against an enemy that will stop at nothing to win. Unfortunately, the enemy is American. It is just not supposed to happen this way. I am not sure if I have been naïve all my 55+ years as an American or was content to not see things I didn’t want to see. I just don’t know. All I really know is I feel lost, broken and in the crosshairs of the entire political process.

Since November 2016 a lot of questions have darted through my mind. All of them, if answered, possibly showing me the underbelly of an America I am reluctant to want to see. The hate & anger that Trump stirred up regarding so many topics haunt me and most of the answers lead to the truth that makes me wrestle with the only truth that would explain the chaos. America has not really moved on from a dark time & place that I thought or believed I thought, was in our rearview mirror. If the answer to these questions is what I think, it means we are still the racist, hate-filled, prejudiced, sexist, prudish white male driven mindset society that is sure to doom the advancement of the American political process & is crippling any possibility that the majority of voter’s concerns to be addressed.

My God, haven’t we been through all this already? Haven’t we moved on to equality of the races, ethnic groups, religion, sexual preferences and women’s rights in this society? How many times are we going to have to have the same battles over & over & over again? When will the fight be the good one and we can say we did it for our children, and their children, and their children, etc.? If what I hear, read and discern from opinions floating around this country it appears that the Presidency of Barack Obama did the opposite of what I have assumed it did. I thought it showed we had evolved as a country and that we were moving forward. Now, some of what I am getting seems to imply this is the backlash from the disgruntled citizens of this country that felt a black man was not worthy nor should ever occupy the office of the President of the United States. Are you fucking kidding me?

President Obama is a brilliant man (no, I am not going to dissect his Administration, I am simply stating his superb qualifications to be a statesman and his awesome brain). Not to mention he was so passionate about his job as President. He loved American. He loved the political process of America. He loved the citizens and voters of America. He LOVED America. He was beyond qualified. But, because he was black this ugly minority of America viewed him as a bad politician, unworthy to occupy the Oval Office? I am ashamed of those that would be a part of such narrow-minded, racist rhetoric.

My “friends” who are Republicans *sigh* refer to me as stupid, or a libertard….they verbally attack my political affiliations as if I was the densest, uneducated and politically ignorant person to exist since the beginning of time. The Left is either supporting or are themselves, lazy, uneducated leeches of society that have a sense of entitlement if not for others, then for themselves. In my opinion, this supersedes all political affiliations. This attack on personally held political opinions shows that diversity & personal opinion are not valued, or at worst, are not allowed. To not have human compassion for others, to view those in need as burdens, to judge simply bc of color, religion, sexual preference or simply bc of sex is an insult to all that humans are supposed to be. Compassion and rational thought are what separate the humans from others that roam this earth and now it is viewed as a liability to the GOP.

The thoughts that such ignorance exist in MY America makes my heart literally ache & hurt as if it is truly breaking. I don’t remember my heart feeling this way in a long, long time. When it happened last it was because of an unrequited love which I knew I could never have and my heart broke because I knew it would never be possible. Is that the truth I have failed to see? Is my version of America an impossible goal that I have to say goodbye to, forever & always? Am I saying goodbye to a love that isn’t possible?

And tonight the GOP is trying to repeal Obamacare, again. The Republicans have named it the “Health Care Freedom Act.” This is an ironic name for a piece of legislation that will “act” upon taking away “health care” for 15 million people. I have no idea where the “Freedom” came from – I can only speculate the GOP inserted it in the name because they will be “free” of Obamacare.

So, I will wait and see how this plays out. Even if the Senate fails to pass this really bad piece of legislation it does not change the fact that when I look in the mirror now I have to wonder if I have been looking through rose colored glasses?



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Trump is Head-Over-Insane for Putin

I hope SCROTUS (So-called Ruler of the United States) is brushing up on his Russian and going to the Mall for his new “Sunday-go-to-meeting” clothes because his honey is coming to visit.

Seriously though, Putin is meeting with Trump. Who, in any world or Universe, would think this scenario has a snowball’s chance in hell of ending in any manner but not good?

Putin has been SCROTUS secret (maybe not so much) crush for awhile. We really don’t know how long because Donnie claims the two have barely exchanged words while the many press accounts document endless comments, meeting & business dealings between the Orange Trumpkin and Russia/Putin. Putin, for the most part, has remained demure and rather quiet about the whole “affair.”

The intertwining of the relationship between the two is so vague, yet so publicly alluded to, that there has been commissions & councils created to try and find out the real scoop about their relationship. The councils are still council-ling and the commissions are still commissioning, verdict and fate still undetermined.

Another question is how is the Orange RWNJ (RightWingNutJob) going to handle access for the press, especially with a leader so revered by SCROTUS and so notoriously despised by not only the Republican party but, the country as a whole? Is he going to appease the naysayers and prove beyond all doubt there is no collusion of any kind? Or will he simply add fuel to the fire and hold most of the “intimate” meetings behind closed doors and away from America’s ears?

But, an almost bigger unknown is what is going to happen when they finally meet, again, face-to-face *blush*?

We all remember the success and public love the Idiot received on his last (1st) foreign visit (Donnie doesn’t like to sleep in strange beds, has some germ aversion and just generally is a bitch to travel with) to the ME (yes both of them) & Brussels. Good times. SCROTUS sure showed us what “presidential” meant, to an orange, delusional Martian maybe. He elbowed a man, insulted a woman, kissed Saudi Arabian ass (almost literally), rode in a golf cart instead of walking and pissed off every world leader he could remember the name of, and some he couldn’t pronounce. It sucked.

So now comes Round 2. Fuckery. All Vlad has to say is something along the lines of, “I admire you bigly brain contained in your good-haired Orange head,” and Trump will be a puddle of love and adoration ripe for the picking.

Goodbye, resolve. Goodbye, common sense. Goodbye State secrets. Goodbye nuclear codes. Goodbye strategic military planning. Goodbye America.

There is no way Trump will be able to resist those puppy-dog eyes, lingering looks, and a hand-shake that last just a sec too long. You know what I mean? Trump is in lust. This will not end well.

Any chance that America’s concerns about what we have been hearing from SCROTUS himself with the backing of a deluge of press releases (a lot from the Trump Corp itself) will be assuaged and laid to rest are nil to none.

Trump won’t take the advice from seasoned Repubs and try and at least appear to be removed from the TrumpRussia suspicions. If anything, after he quits melting and composes his hair, he will begin to blither all over himself in a “bigly manner, the likes of which have never been seen before.”

Vlad will see him for the idiot and fool which he is, and reports out of Russia will confirm this. SCROTUS will see it as a “very productive and satisfying meeting of which he can’t comment on further as it would compromise National Security (I won’t even touch the “satisfying” part).”

Funny thing is, we’ll have no more National Security after that meeting because our American souls will have been sold to the Russian Satan.

Trump is clueless to how viciously precise the former KGB leader of Russia is when “negotiating.”  The Orange embarrassment doesn’t realize he’s just a tool. He’s just a means to an end for Vlad who relishes nothing more than the day he can compromise the US in such a way that we may never fully recover.

Putin has finally found, in Donald Trump, the weakest link possible to begin to dismantle our Democratic Republic and he’s going for it and Trump will never know what hit him.


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The Insanity of the GOP, Women & the AHCA

Well after more than 7 years of moaning and pissing the GOP, as well as their morose leader, are attempting, for the second time, to push the AHCA (American Healthcare Act) through Congress to repeal and replace President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). Their purported intent is to cut what they feel are unnecessary and frivolous services currently mandated to Americans under Obamacare while restating some conditions the GOP felt were too liberal to be applied as “essential” women’s health care options. 

The position of women in American social programs, including health care cost, is under assault by the Right-Wing-Nut-Jobs (RWNJ) of the GOP. Lead by the erratic, So-called Ruler of the United States (SCROTUS aka Donald Trump) it appears the direction and the ultimate fate of women in the 21st century is to be regulated back to the dark ages when women were not only viewed as second-class citizens but, were also seen as the gender who, in and of themselves, had no social value to the Christian-based extremism that has once again unpacked their bags on Capital Hill. 

The American woman has fought long and hard since the early 1900’s to change the patriarchal guidelines that had become the expected “gold standard” for acceptable behavior of women, sisters, wives, and daughters in America.  Women made strides in that century which catapulted them from character actors on the sidelines to starring actors with equal billing to their co-stars (men).

Before the creation of the ACA under President Obama women were still subjected to health care options and alternatives that left a lot to be desired. It seemed women always paid higher premiums because our health care directives were decided behind closed doors by a room full of men who only gave lip-service to women’s health care to appease the societal pressure they felt exploded from the bowels of the “pesky” woman’s liberation movement of the 1960’s.

With this new-found voice woman in America through protest, voice, votes and Supreme Court decisions carved out a unique position in America’s health care doctrine to support their well-being and safety. Reproductive rights, health care, pregnancy and mental health issues became a woman’s decision based on their individual needs unique to the place and time they found themselves in life. Women’s rights to quality health care were no longer a one size fits all solution, lacking individuality or wiggle room for the ever-changing role women held in society. 

Come to find out that under all that pomp and circumstance there still lives the white, entitled, sexist American male that truly believes that women are of no value, really, only put on earth to please men. The kicker is they cite the Bible as to why women are not equals. No, not all men feel this way. Probably the majority of men don’t feel that way and view women as equals. But the few assholes who do visualize a women’s existence beholden to them, unfortunately, are wearing their big boy britches and have decided females can’t play with their toys in their sandbox any longer. 

The insults that are publicly being bantered right in front of the American woman, as if they are invisible and incapable of their own personal health care decisions, has been beyond unacceptable on many levels. The extreme right, under a GOP leader who claimed to “grab a woman by the pussy because he was rich,” proceeds forward with gloves off, cherry picking disastrous offerings to women, content in knowing that public opinion has reached a fervor as to not even miss a beat when misogynistic sexism becomes the mainstream mindset towards women’s health care choices. 

The sexist, all-white, Right-wing-nut GOP, who cloak themselves in the guise of evangelistic saviors while bearing witness to God’s true beliefs and desires are meeting behind closed doors once again.  As usual, it is a bunch of old cronies who for some reason believe their religious principles and doctrine are the one and only bar of measurement as to what services women should have available to them, especially in family planning and health care. 

The women of today have come full circle and now find themselves just about where they started, with laws & attitudes that belittle and diminish their existence. This feeling of going backward is felt all the more deeply because they have tasted the life full of rights allowing control over who they are, what they are and where they want to go in life.

Now SCROTUS, who himself possesses no moral compass, and who has flip-flopped from the stance of a woman’s right to choose to thoughts that women should have some kind of consequence for having an abortion, has decided to swing to the far right to join the rest of the GOP’s guise of religious principle and conviction. SCROTUS has even gone as far as to sign an EO (Executive Order) supporting the rights for businesses to decline to offer birth control. Citing religious beliefs & doctrine, the good ol’ boys have decided that birth control should not be offered to the female worker if the owner of said business has “moral” objections to the concept and intent of birth control. Not just religious objection but merely moral objections as well. 

Nothing is ever enough for those zealots who seem to think they are unduly put upon to exist in a world with a government that would allow any type of funding towards birth control and/or the Constitutionally determined right to an abortion. These people aren’t content to be exempt from providing family planning/health care services to women in their employment because of the employer’s religious beliefs. No, these diehards feel that to offer birth control of any kind, even by employers who have no moral or religious reservations per se, is a violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Somehow it has come down that for women to be offered birth control, by itself, promotes an ideology that the GOP feels causes irrevocable harm to the conscience of everyone umbrellaed under the health care system. 

The exemption provided in the ACA was originally geared toward non-profits with religious objections to be exempt from providing any form of birth control for their female employee. That did not mean the women did not receive the essential mandated benefit that was offered under ObamaCare. (The employer had to submit paperwork stating that due to religious beliefs that birth control would not be offered in the employer’s heath care packages. But the employers countered saying that they still felt they were directly involved with providing birth control simply because they had to fill out the paperwork submitted to the government. This went to the Supreme Court who remanded it back down to the lower court for decision – a decision that has yet to be rendered.) No, it simply meant the federal government circumvented the employer and paid for the reproductive health care services directly, with the money coming from a federal fund that was paid directly to the provider of such services. This kept the Christian RWNJ’s hands clean from the dirty deed of participating in family planning in a direct manner. Now their objection, simply put, wants to eliminate the United States federal government from offering birth control as a mandate within the AHCA stating that by offering birth control the act itself imposes such a substantial burden that it affects their religious freedoms

Wonderful, so a white, middle-class, Republican zealot who sees any and all opportunities to control the “barefoot & pregnant” ideology to which he clings to with drooling contentment of a hypocrite gets to decide, in essence, not only the sex life, or lack thereof, of his female employees, but actually has his beliefs and religion decide the family planning options of all women with whom he employs. 

The American working women is in essence once again being forced to sleep with their bosses. The GOP of 2017 just turned the clock back for women’s rights and control over their bodies. Women are getting fucked and they don’t have any birth control!


(Disclaimer: This article did not address the other egregious decisions by the GOP to take away essential benefits such as screening & preventive health care options that maintain a women’s health nor did it address the unfair description of pre-existing conditions that could increase health care cost while decreasing health care mandates, especially for women, in regards to breast cancer, pregnancy, maternity & newborn care.)

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FOR FUCK’S SAKE Mon 4/22/2018–Day 458 of The Hostage Situation

1 year, 93 days, 12 hours, 9 minutes and 50 seconds until it’s over



Let’s see..the so-called-ruler-of-the-United-States (SCROTUS) has been a busy little bee.

Today we’re talking about his nomination for Secretary of the Veteran’s Administration. Imagine him getting push-back on nominating his own personal physician for the position. Compound that with the fact we have breaking news that Ronny Jackson might have created a drunken hostile work environment while pushing pills out of the White House pharmacy. The stall seems to be a bipartisan showdown so, we’ll see if it last. 

Over at the CIA there’s trouble concerning the nomination of a new Director (since Pompeo is gracing the Secretary of State position with his presence. We think). There appears to be some concern America could be sending the wrong message by appointing a woman who was directly implicated in the humiliation and, some say torture, of prisoners of war. Gee, you think? God, help us. 

Two “adult” entertainers are in various stages of taking SCROTUS to court for sex-related acts deemed inappropriate – they both have 2 names.

Trump claims he couldn’t have been compromised by Russian hookers because he didn’t stay overnight in Russia but we have flight records and interviews by the man himself which totally blows that alibi out of the water. He did stay in Moscow overnight. All in the day of the life….

Mueller is still going on with his investigation while PutinsMiniMe continues to call it a witch hunt. The GOP is doing nothing to save Mueller or Rosenstein from Trump’s temper tantrums and still has no spine nor moral compass. The Country is waiting for Michael Cohen’s next move therein Trump’s next meltdown. Good times.

DJT is still supposed to meet with North Korean dictator about nuclear situation. Trump is clueless he is, once again, being played like a fine-tuned piano. He can’t make a deal to save his life and inevitably gives away the baby with the bathwater each time, offering to gift-wrap the whole deal to boot. He will negotiate America away in no time if left to his own.

French President Macron is in town to talk about the Iran Nuclear Agreement. The Idiot will probably fixate on the damn French military parade again having no attention span left over for actual policy discussions. I mean, it’s only nuclear weapons with Iran, it’s not like it’s North Korea or Russia.The King wants to hold court but the subjects don’t exist. Sorry, Donald.

As if on cue the Universe and World seem to know the United States is no longer holding the bar high in regard to respect of human rights, tolerance or moral authority, There seem to be no acts that are responded to involving an American conscience. Today 10 people were mowed down by a white van in Toronto, Canada, leaving 15 more that were injured. The 2nd worst act of killing that has ever happened in Canada. Yesterday 4 people were killed in Tennessee by a 29-year-old American in a Waffle House around 3 in the morning. An assault rifle was used. Again. The discussion about the tragedy and senselessness of the act has barely been given a nod in the news. #ThisIsNotNormal

Jack Johnson is being considered for a potential pardon after Sylvester Stallone contacted Trump about the boxer.

I think this is enough crazy for today.