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Trump is Head-Over-Insane for Putin

I hope SCROTUS (So-called Ruler of the United States) is brushing up on his Russian and going to the Mall for his new “Sunday-go-to-meeting” clothes because his honey is coming to visit.

Seriously though, Putin is meeting with Trump. Who, in any world or Universe, would think this scenario has a snowball’s chance in hell of ending in any manner but not good?

Putin has been SCROTUS secret (maybe not so much) crush for awhile. We really don’t know how long because Donnie claims the two have barely exchanged words while the many press accounts document endless comments, meeting & business dealings between the Orange Trumpkin and Russia/Putin. Putin, for the most part, has remained demure and rather quiet about the whole “affair.”

The intertwining of the relationship between the two is so vague, yet so publicly alluded to, that there has been commissions & councils created to try and find out the real scoop about their relationship. The councils are still council-ling and the commissions are still commissioning, verdict and fate still undetermined.

Another question is how is the Orange RWNJ (RightWingNutJob) going to handle access for the press, especially with a leader so revered by SCROTUS and so notoriously despised by not only the Republican party but, the country as a whole? Is he going to appease the naysayers and prove beyond all doubt there is no collusion of any kind? Or will he simply add fuel to the fire and hold most of the “intimate” meetings behind closed doors and away from America’s ears?

But, an almost bigger unknown is what is going to happen when they finally meet, again, face-to-face *blush*?

We all remember the success and public love the Idiot received on his last (1st) foreign visit (Donnie doesn’t like to sleep in strange beds, has some germ aversion and just generally is a bitch to travel with) to the ME (yes both of them) & Brussels. Good times. SCROTUS sure showed us what “presidential” meant, to an orange, delusional Martian maybe. He elbowed a man, insulted a woman, kissed Saudi Arabian ass (almost literally), rode in a golf cart instead of walking and pissed off every world leader he could remember the name of, and some he couldn’t pronounce. It sucked.

So now comes Round 2. Fuckery. All Vlad has to say is something along the lines of, “I admire you bigly brain contained in your good-haired Orange head,” and Trump will be a puddle of love and adoration ripe for the picking.

Goodbye, resolve. Goodbye, common sense. Goodbye State secrets. Goodbye nuclear codes. Goodbye strategic military planning. Goodbye America.

There is no way Trump will be able to resist those puppy-dog eyes, lingering looks, and a hand-shake that last just a sec too long. You know what I mean? Trump is in lust. This will not end well.

Any chance that America’s concerns about what we have been hearing from SCROTUS himself with the backing of a deluge of press releases (a lot from the Trump Corp itself) will be assuaged and laid to rest are nil to none.

Trump won’t take the advice from seasoned Repubs and try and at least appear to be removed from the TrumpRussia suspicions. If anything, after he quits melting and composes his hair, he will begin to blither all over himself in a “bigly manner, the likes of which have never been seen before.”

Vlad will see him for the idiot and fool which he is, and reports out of Russia will confirm this. SCROTUS will see it as a “very productive and satisfying meeting of which he can’t comment on further as it would compromise National Security (I won’t even touch the “satisfying” part).”

Funny thing is, we’ll have no more National Security after that meeting because our American souls will have been sold to the Russian Satan.

Trump is clueless to how viciously precise the former KGB leader of Russia is when “negotiating.”  The Orange embarrassment doesn’t realize he’s just a tool. He’s just a means to an end for Vlad who relishes nothing more than the day he can compromise the US in such a way that we may never fully recover.

Putin has finally found, in Donald Trump, the weakest link possible to begin to dismantle our Democratic Republic and he’s going for it and Trump will never know what hit him.



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The Insane Take-Over of the White House Daily Press Briefing (DPB)

Since his tiny hands first opened up the door to the Oval Office #SCROTUS has quite regularly tweeted out veiled threats to either limit or stop the White House daily press briefings. His excuses range from the “fake news,” “fake media,” or the latest reasoning which alluded to the need to possibly hand out responses to maintain accuracy in information flowing out of his insane asylum of a White House.

Maintaining accuracy seems like a bit of a far-fetched excuse for a man who does not appear to care nor try to adhere to anything that resembles truthful continuity to any given situation occurring in real-time on planet earth.’

Another recent explanation has been that the White House is looking to replace the quite colorful yet tight-lipped Communication Director/Press Secretary Sean Spicer due to the recent departure of Mike Dubke who departed stating personal reasons. It has been mentioned that Spicer will move up and replace the duties that Dubke had formerly been in charge of.

I guess like all things Trumptarian only time will tell if this is another pouty moment because everyone is being mean to the Orange Delusion or if he is going to continue to try to dilute another backbone of America’s Democratic Republic.

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What’s Left is Just Insanity


In January of 2016, I had a series of unfortunate events that culminated in the loss of my job & a broken ankle. Hell of a way to start the new year of 2016, which it turned out was a shit year for a lot of people.

At first, I was held hostage by a cast and the inability to navigate myself around my house. Add the bonus round of winter in the Southern Rocky Mountains and we’re looking at a rocking good time in the sack.

As I lay in wait for healing and my next pain pill I slowly was drawn into the insanity of the 2016 Presidential election. I had seen “that crazy fuck” giving lip service to the contemplation of running for America’s #1 political position, and as many, I brushed off the actuality of that coming to fruition as little to none.

But as I slowly began to heal I watched in absolute mind-numbing denial, and somewhat amazement I must admit, that this crazy mother fucker was angling to make his incomplete & void ego whole by fucking with the sanctity of the political process of my very beloved America.

Each and every day I frantically flipped through the channels on my cable provider for affirmation or denial of the feelings of outrage and fear about the despot inclined New Yorker vying for the GOP nomination. For the most part, at the time, it was viewed both by the general population and the “man” himself as a long shot. But he got the nomination by the GOP and game was on.

Then the real insanity started. The DNC nominee Hillary Clinton was hit with one setback after another in what seemed like the worst luck ever experienced by a Presidential candidate. Add that to the email & Benghazi events which were seized upon by the unconventional child-like representative of the GOP and chaos ensued like none that had seen before this election.

The GOP nominee attacked the left in ways that brought no class or expected decorum in a Presidential race. There was name-calling, sexist comments, behavior unfit for even a 3-year-old and bullying on levels that left the majority of America speechless. The self-admitted respect towards a Dictator of one of America’s long-running adversaries troubled us as well. The average American of sane mind, manners, and true family values shook their head in disbelief but with the conviction that such “creature” would never pass mustard for any length of time.

But people could feel it in the air. Something was off. The vibe didn’t feel right and odd things were happening that didn’t make sense and we just couldn’t put our fingers on exactly what was amiss. Polling numbers seemed to belie the takeaway from news involving daily events but for the moment provided skeptical comfort.  Everything just felt off about the 2016 election in the United States of America.

Then on November 8, 2016, the rumblings of inevitability that many had experienced through the last leg of the electoral process bore out. The crazy mother fucker won. The voters who cast their vote for his “rule” were unsatisfied buyers of the political status quo from which they cast their ballot. People didn’t think he would win they were just pissed off at the flow of politics under President Obama. They wanted change and they got it. Unfortunately so did the majority of Americans who did not wish to be dictated upon by such a clueless, self-impressed shadow of a man.

He didn’t win the popular vote. He won the electoral vote. The lack of popular support is still a thorn he bears, fresh scars and blood from recent and regular battle.  Still, he won and the majority of America felt the black cloud of ignorance and greed moving in like a horrible storm on the horizon.

At first many hoped and even believed that his antics and boorishness displayed and witnessed during the campaigns. The depths of how wrong we were is yet to be measured or even quite possibly discovered much less explored for answers to questions that dark path has lead us down. Doubt surrounded us all dressed-up as fools among the crowd. Then we looked around.

We saw we weren’t alone in the dark and our sheer numbers could not be ignored. There were many lights down many tunnels and many choices that needed to be made. So like the Americans we were, solid red, white and blue, proudly holding our “Rights” we decided like hell that we’d simply give up and sit down.

We were going to fight and resist.