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Alabama’s Insane Special Election

I was truly disturbed by many aspects of the whole debacle. I mean, really, did we just have an election where there was an alleged child rapist actually running for Senate? Did we just have the so-called-leader-of-the-United-States tell us that a vote for an accused sexual malcontent was preferable to voting for a Democrat? Are we at that place, politically, where the Right just boldly says we need the vote for our policy because our millionaire donors have threatened to withhold future money if we don’t pass a tax reform bill that benefits them specifically and to hell with the American voter’s needs?
Yes, yes & yes.
With that said I absolutely had no problem at all with the results of the election. The election should have been a no-brainer on morality alone, but as many witnessed morality is of short supply in America these days. I knew that in this surreal quasi-political environment we exist in that Roy Moore could have possibly won the race in Alabama. The fact he didn’t made many things that have felt wrong with the world lately fade away for a few minutes restoring, albeit it briefly, faith in our government, the scale of checks and balances and the human race as a whole.
I thought the Democrats got exactly what they put into it – the win. This was a much needed dry run against this unique & ever-changing political landscape. With the ever-decreasing length of the ol’ attention span, seizing the moment as soon as it presents itself is critical to achieving success. The left, and I mean all facets of the left, from DC to Delaware to Detroit to Denver, has been not only discussing what was needed to begin to flip the Hill blue but has actively been engaging in activities that are laying the groundwork, on grassroots level, for potential continued success until the 2020 elections.
I say potential because this is going to be a race that requires constant focus, energy and unusual approaches that the DNC has not been comfortable in the past but seem to be more open to embracing with this new breed of GOP insanity. With this win in Alabama, the Dems remember the thrill of winning due to a job well done. Add that to the fact resuscitation of the left has been needed for a long time and with the unique challenges from a Trump GOP, we are training for a marathon. We just have to give back to the Right what they put out.
The GOP got what they put into the election as well. It was a half-arsed attempt to finish yet another unfinished “project” they have laying around that they keep tripping over. Even with their collective minds they still have too many pots boiling on the stove to keep track of them efficiently. They keep running here, there & everywhere trying to finish something, anything and end up looking the fool. The lack of any kind of flexibility in their mindset makes impromptu problem solving a deal breaker. The GOP has a set of policies they feel are imperative to their success and identity and seem unwilling to accommodate new approaches or ideas leaving them in an utter heap of unfinished policy.
Add to everything the rapid demise of mere warm bodies on the Hill due to scandals and lawmakers who no longer wish to perform beneath a wannabe leader whose numbers are rapidly deteriorating in the polls makes for an unknown factor of a solid headcount by the Right who has blown almost a year in the majority with very little to show for their #1 position.
The popular vote and polling numbers most incoming administrations have to feed off never gathered enough speed to take them through the special elections. Maintaining their election-year momentum was never an option because they never had any momentum, to begin with, and that is exactly what usually carries the incoming party through to mid-terms election successes. The lackluster showing by the GOP opens a huge door for the Democrats to take back Congress but they must never get comfortable, confident or matter of fact. They must continue to fight each battle with entire heart and soul and they may be able to continue this streak of ousting Repubs & taking back the direction of policymaking in America sooner than either party thought was possible at first glance a year ago.

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#Resist the Insanity

I had to stop trying to write to keep up with DJT’s insane trip through his so-called leadership attempt via the *MAGA* American “Pilfer & Carnage Tour,” 2017. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Trying to sort through his biggest gaffes, embarrassments and pure un-American rhetoric, not to mention the bold faced lies, had fried my brain.

My brain also hurt from the fact that we are still dealing with that Moron-in-Chief. I mean, really GOP? The inaction by the Republicans in order to preserve power over party OR Country still astounds me to insanity. I cannot even look at McConnell, Ryan or Sessions without my blood boiling, simmering with a hate. Yes, I hate them. They have sold out America, in its entirety, by pursuing RWNJ agendas while this Nation is literally melting into unrecognizable chaos.

Then I am perpetually pissed at SCROTUS supporters who pardon that misogynistic, racist, white supremacist, ignorant, insufferable, stupid, lying, narcissistic POS’s actions, words, and motives. Jesus Christ, enough already. The same people who are still pointing fingers at Bill when Hillary is running for President claiming lack or morality on Clinton’s part are the same Idiots that now turn the other cheek to indiscretions and sexist comments that might make Clinton (well, maybe Chelsea) blush.

The press, while doing a job that has kept me diversely informed of this 3 ring circus aka the Trumple Administration, I still blame a bit for this debacle we find ourselves in. When AgentOrange first tripped & fell onto this scene in 2015 the media was all over him with free coverage. The more insane he became the more insane the media became. Some outlets would obsessively cover him, I am thinking, in hopes that the American voters would see he was a whack-a-do and opt out of that vote, Thank-you very much. But in fact that coverage became, as we all knew by the numbers, a platform that was working in favor of Moron’s polling numbers yet the coverage continued & with a light touch as to not rustle the feathers of the thin-skinned man-child.

Add, Facebook & Twitter with the now admittedly fake news stories purposely placed to sway those mainstay people who really knew so little about life, and even less about politics. Easy marks who wanted an easy life without having to “think” about it too, too much. They don’t mind working hard, but they don’t want to think. That they needed to investigate if those stories were really false or not is laughable. If anyone really believes half of that propaganda garbage, must less all of it I am thinking mental faculties should be examined by a healthcare worker (that is if we still have healthcare when you read this).

And now mid-October 2017 not unexpectedly for the DNC and all points left of insanity, Trump is trying to lead America into fucked up places we don’t really need nor have to go. Nukes and name calling with North Korea; threats and disgust directed toward our beloved Constitutional Amendments; American citizens dying without so much as a mention from the man who claims such bigly intelligence – not a mention of California and the victims of the wildfires, Puerto Rico 3 weeks after a hurricane still struggling just to find food & water or 4 Green Berets who lost their life’s in Niger serving this Country; demolishing the EPA, ACA & every department that should act independently of Presidential considerations or monetary motives; with reckless abandon he’s disassembling anything created by, for, around or because of President Obama and to hell as to it’s positive v negative analysis of effectiveness; and of course the Russia/Trump love affair that began decades ago and is now the “other woman” to patriotic Americans who don’t want Russian involvement in our damn business especially our political business.

(No, I didn’t forget about Iran, China, the fucking Wall, DACA, LGBT & gender rights, the Women’s issues, emoluments, The hypocritical Freedom Caucus, nepotism, the KKK, his swamp, the GOP, his healthcare, his tax reform or budget – there just isn’t enough time left in my life to explode over it all at one time.)

So for now I am going to try and find my groove to rebutt the daily deluge of His Moron-in-Chief, try not to keep up in actual real-time for everything he utters or does and keep hoping the damn GOP will finally, albeit too late to do themselves any good when it comes to governing – but we already knew that was going to happen – call out that Orange blob squatting in the Oval Office out & kick him to the damn curb and I don’t care if it’s impeachment or the 25th Amendment, I ‘m flexible.

All of us left-leaners and anti-Trumpeters will keep doing what we do and flood America with the realities and atrocities this man is trying to create or has already created and try to pressure others to take notice and help us bring him down once and for all.

We have a job to do my friends. We have gotten a lot accomplished but we still have a long way to go. We got this. Remember who we are and what we stand for. Let’s make her proud. Resist.

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Trump is Head-Over-Insane for Putin

I hope SCROTUS (So-called Ruler of the United States) is brushing up on his Russian and going to the Mall for his new “Sunday-go-to-meeting” clothes because his honey is coming to visit.

Seriously though, Putin is meeting with Trump. Who, in any world or Universe, would think this scenario has a snowball’s chance in hell of ending in any manner but not good?

Putin has been SCROTUS secret (maybe not so much) crush for awhile. We really don’t know how long because Donnie claims the two have barely exchanged words while the many press accounts document endless comments, meeting & business dealings between the Orange Trumpkin and Russia/Putin. Putin, for the most part, has remained demure and rather quiet about the whole “affair.”

The intertwining of the relationship between the two is so vague, yet so publicly alluded to, that there has been commissions & councils created to try and find out the real scoop about their relationship. The councils are still council-ling and the commissions are still commissioning, verdict and fate still undetermined.

Another question is how is the Orange RWNJ (RightWingNutJob) going to handle access for the press, especially with a leader so revered by SCROTUS and so notoriously despised by not only the Republican party but, the country as a whole? Is he going to appease the naysayers and prove beyond all doubt there is no collusion of any kind? Or will he simply add fuel to the fire and hold most of the “intimate” meetings behind closed doors and away from America’s ears?

But, an almost bigger unknown is what is going to happen when they finally meet, again, face-to-face *blush*?

We all remember the success and public love the Idiot received on his last (1st) foreign visit (Donnie doesn’t like to sleep in strange beds, has some germ aversion and just generally is a bitch to travel with) to the ME (yes both of them) & Brussels. Good times. SCROTUS sure showed us what “presidential” meant, to an orange, delusional Martian maybe. He elbowed a man, insulted a woman, kissed Saudi Arabian ass (almost literally), rode in a golf cart instead of walking and pissed off every world leader he could remember the name of, and some he couldn’t pronounce. It sucked.

So now comes Round 2. Fuckery. All Vlad has to say is something along the lines of, “I admire you bigly brain contained in your good-haired Orange head,” and Trump will be a puddle of love and adoration ripe for the picking.

Goodbye, resolve. Goodbye, common sense. Goodbye State secrets. Goodbye nuclear codes. Goodbye strategic military planning. Goodbye America.

There is no way Trump will be able to resist those puppy-dog eyes, lingering looks, and a hand-shake that last just a sec too long. You know what I mean? Trump is in lust. This will not end well.

Any chance that America’s concerns about what we have been hearing from SCROTUS himself with the backing of a deluge of press releases (a lot from the Trump Corp itself) will be assuaged and laid to rest are nil to none.

Trump won’t take the advice from seasoned Repubs and try and at least appear to be removed from the TrumpRussia suspicions. If anything, after he quits melting and composes his hair, he will begin to blither all over himself in a “bigly manner, the likes of which have never been seen before.”

Vlad will see him for the idiot and fool which he is, and reports out of Russia will confirm this. SCROTUS will see it as a “very productive and satisfying meeting of which he can’t comment on further as it would compromise National Security (I won’t even touch the “satisfying” part).”

Funny thing is, we’ll have no more National Security after that meeting because our American souls will have been sold to the Russian Satan.

Trump is clueless to how viciously precise the former KGB leader of Russia is when “negotiating.”  The Orange embarrassment doesn’t realize he’s just a tool. He’s just a means to an end for Vlad who relishes nothing more than the day he can compromise the US in such a way that we may never fully recover.

Putin has finally found, in Donald Trump, the weakest link possible to begin to dismantle our Democratic Republic and he’s going for it and Trump will never know what hit him.


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The Insane Take-Over of the White House Daily Press Briefing (DPB)

Since his tiny hands first opened up the door to the Oval Office #SCROTUS has quite regularly tweeted out veiled threats to either limit or stop the White House daily press briefings. His excuses range from the “fake news,” “fake media,” or the latest reasoning which alluded to the need to possibly hand out responses to maintain accuracy in information flowing out of his insane asylum of a White House.

Maintaining accuracy seems like a bit of a far-fetched excuse for a man who does not appear to care nor try to adhere to anything that resembles truthful continuity to any given situation occurring in real-time on planet earth.’

Another recent explanation has been that the White House is looking to replace the quite colorful yet tight-lipped Communication Director/Press Secretary Sean Spicer due to the recent departure of Mike Dubke who departed stating personal reasons. It has been mentioned that Spicer will move up and replace the duties that Dubke had formerly been in charge of.

I guess like all things Trumptarian only time will tell if this is another pouty moment because everyone is being mean to the Orange Delusion or if he is going to continue to try to dilute another backbone of America’s Democratic Republic.