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via Marching for our lives

This is why! This young woman is why human beings still exist. It is people like her, with an innate sense of what is right and what is so horribly wrong in the world around her that she challenges the norms that have become so commonplace that they are overlooked as a given when in fact they are a mere stepping stone into the future.

Her mother must be beyond proud to have raised such a young woman who shuns peer pressure (young and old), social protocol & expectations and acts from the soul of her being.

To have a voice and be allowed to use it to its fullest. Without shame. Without editing. Without correction to expectation over expression. Free to be herself without fear (except the fear foisted upon her by a society that wants it all, to hell with the consequence) of recourse or reprimand.

So, Political Kid, you will, no doubt be a force to be reckoned with and I should know, we were, and probably are still, a lot alike. Never lose your fire & fury. Never quiet your voice for the discomfort it might cause others because it makes them look in the mirror and not like what they see. Never ignore your gut about what feels right and what feels wrong. Stay true to who you are and will be. The end result will be worth it.



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The Insane Take-Over of the White House Daily Press Briefing (DPB)

Since his tiny hands first opened up the door to the Oval Office #SCROTUS has quite regularly tweeted out veiled threats to either limit or stop the White House daily press briefings. His excuses range from the “fake news,” “fake media,” or the latest reasoning which alluded to the need to possibly hand out responses to maintain accuracy in information flowing out of his insane asylum of a White House.

Maintaining accuracy seems like a bit of a far-fetched excuse for a man who does not appear to care nor try to adhere to anything that resembles truthful continuity to any given situation occurring in real-time on planet earth.’

Another recent explanation has been that the White House is looking to replace the quite colorful yet tight-lipped Communication Director/Press Secretary Sean Spicer due to the recent departure of Mike Dubke who departed stating personal reasons. It has been mentioned that Spicer will move up and replace the duties that Dubke had formerly been in charge of.

I guess like all things Trumptarian only time will tell if this is another pouty moment because everyone is being mean to the Orange Delusion or if he is going to continue to try to dilute another backbone of America’s Democratic Republic.